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1 in 2 is an impossible target. At 1 in 21 and three approaches per day, you’d get one real contact every week, and, according to some statistical analysis I ran (more on that if anyone wants to hear), a relationship (10+ dates with the same person) every 9 months or so. That’s not at all bad considering that some of these relationships are going to overlap. Besides these relationships, if you allocate at most three days per week for dates, after about 6 months, your schedule would be full. In other words, unless there are no repeat dates, it’s not really possible to be much better than 1 in 21 and still have time to date all the women you meet. For a relatively attractive young man with decent gaming skills, 1 in 21 is very achievable. So, why aren’t you getting results? When I hear stories like 340 and zero, two things come to mind. The more important of the two is body language. You’re doing something that is sabotaging your approach and only a coach standing close to you can tell you what it is. Unless you have an obvious physical deformity, those numbers are not possible without bad body language. The second thing that comes to mind is that you’re all over the place with what you’ve tried. That’s the impression I get from reading your posts here. A coach would never allow that. He’d choose one type of approach for you and you’d practice it until it started to pay off. I have an idea for you, but we should discuss it offline. Write to me at