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Presumably, when you open two and three sets, they’re talking to each other. If they’re not, just do Deep Thoughts on the one you want to talk to. When they’re talking to each other, the opener I teach is “This… is a conversation about boys!” They will confirm or deny that it is, or tell me that the conversation is about work, or whatever.

If the conversation is not about boys, I say “It’s just as well because my theory is that women know nothing about men. Nothing”

If the conversation IS about boys, I say “It’s my theory that women know nothing about men. Nothing.”

They usually chime in to protest or tell me that men know nothing about women either and I go on like this:

“I saw a study recently where they took several thousand men and asked them to send in pictures of wives, girlfriends, and mistresses, under a promise of anonymity. Then they removed the labels and asked all the men to rate all of the pictures by attractiveness 1 to 10. So all the men rated all of the women 1 to 10. This is the part that most women find shocking. What is it?”

They usually guess wrong but sometimes they guess right and I get to marvel at their insight and give them a hug. If not, I continue:

“The wives and girlfriends beat the mistresses by a wide margin, so the reason that women think men cheat, to find someone younger and sexier is not correct.”

They usually ask why men cheat. If they don’t I ask them “Why do they cheat?”

They usually get it wrong, so I eventually tell them: “The conclusion of the study was that men are very hierarchical. When they feel they’ve lost leverage in their own relationship, they will go seek out someone who is on average less desirable than the person they’re with so they can feel powerful again. We’re the weaker gender. We’re much more insecure about our place in life.” (Pause. To the girl I’m interested in:) “Have you ever been cheated on? Better yet, have you ever cheated?”

Great topic of conversation. This is a pretty long story, so make sure to make it interactive as I did above. Don’t just go in there and read it all out as a script.

This is also the opener I use in night game because, in night game, girls are not usually alone.