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I see a lot of thought here about what is the best opener. There is no best opener. You should find one that you like and say it each and every time.

Situational openers are bad because they leave you thinking about what kind of opener is appropriate for the current situation, and when the opener is finished, they leave you again thinking about what is the best way to get to a meaningful conversation. Way too much thinking.

Random openers are bad because they not only make it hard to get to a meaningful conversation but also have the effect of turning most men into banter monkeys.

That’s what we see in many of these videos, either lukewarm interactions or banter monkey vaudeville acts.

Deep Thoughts is a very direct opener. Girls know you’re flirting with them right away. It’s not a substitute for ballsier game. If you can’t pull it off, let it go and come back to it when you’re ready.

Whatever opener you use, figure out a way to quickly get from the opener to the interesting conversation you want to have. Deep Thoughts is built for that, starting with the part that goes “and I immediately thought what I would do if I could have all that time back…” then “What would you do?” In the first two minutes of conversation, you’re basically asking her what she would do if she could have ten years of her life back. Some of the answers are insightful, creative, and revealing. I put the stupid answers in the revealing category.

As far as I know, there is no other opener that will get you from hello to a conversation about her unfulfilled dreams that quickly.