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Well, for one thing, I guess I just want to try everything.

I also like the idea of an opener where the girl doesn’t make an *instant* decision about whether to speak to me. I have had some positive responses from direct approaches, but it’s not my favourite type of approach. After going direct, if the girl stays around to talk, it can feel very intense (for both me and her), which doesn’t make for a fun interaction. Also I do think by going direct, you do put yourself in the ‘chaser’ position which is not really where I wanna be.

Plus, I’m almost 32 and I’m thinking about the long game. I think direct game is more for younger guys and it probably won’t work that well for me after a certain point.

Having said that, doing ‘deep thoughts’ almost feels like I’m going direct as it is so obviously a chat-up line! But it’s early days.