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Oh and if I hadn’t mentioned it my dates are usually 2 venues:
venue #1. bar/lounge (or alternatively a cafe, a picnic, or sit on a bench somewhere, or go for a walk) flirt for 1-2 hours
venue #2. my apartment.

(although if I’m already at a bar/club for ex nightgame then it’s usually straight to my apt)

but dates generally–
** never a restaurant
** never a movie
** never activities such as golf or museum or whatever

Some guys like Janka or BoyToy just have one venue (straight to their apartment) on first date. So I’m still a newb 😉

Anyway, LATER!!!!11

p.s although now that I’m looking for a more substantial relationship I might make my dates more elaborate.. esp if i find the right girl.
p.p.s although I’ll still escalate cause all girls are horny regardless.