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@zhelyazko, @dyonisos

Exactly correct. When I absolutely have to sprint after a girl and go direct, that’s exactly how I do it.

Me: “I saw you rushing by and had to come tell you how cute you look.”
Her: “Thanks!”
Me: “Before I stopped you, you looked like you were thinking deep, deep thoughts.”
Her: “Nope. Just late to work.”
Me: “Really? That’s all? You know I read an article that said we spend…”

I’m right back where I want to be. Works just as well. We can get to the topics I want to talk about, not the color of her bag or whether she likes cherries or strawberries.

That having been said, dyonisos, if you live in a city where the only day game you can do is sprinting after women who are rushing about, you are at a big disadvantage. Most of the time, they’re not just rushing to avoid men. They’re on their way somewhere and there is some time pressure when you stop them.

But what about other places for daygame? Whole Foods, Starbucks, the subway, bus stations, college campuses, shopping malls, museums, art galleries, parks, bars, restaurants, etc., etc. You can physically run after women if you absolutely have to, but most of the time, you shouldn’t have to. I have friends who live in cold cities. The game goes indoors during the late fall, winter, and early spring, but there’s still plenty of game.