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Zhelyazko, are you guys incapable of thinking for yourselves? Sure go ahead and open her direct. But then do you NEED to say “delicious” or “deep thoughts” or “fucking”? You don’t have to parrot something some random dudes on the internet told you to say. lol. OMG! I got it, here’s one! how about “how’s your day going?” does hurricane approve??? oh no it doesn’t display enough value! besides you didn’t say “sister”. Okay, so maybe we’ll say “sister, how’s your day going!” oh wait I didn’t say “delicious” like GlenP says — okay “delicious sister, how’s your day going!” oh wait I didn’t say do you sing do you dance “delicious sister, how’s your day going! do you sing do you dance?”…

ARRRGHHH!!!!. just say “how’s it going?” quit being so weird. Be NORMAL. that’s all girls want guys to be. To think for themselves and be normal. And the majority of you are so far from normal you need to train yourselves to be human again. (not r2-d2)