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I enjoy this disscusion. Its always good to confront diffrent points of view.

To lee.

“I teach exactly two openers, Deep Thoughts and Conversation About Boys and one of them is just perfect for all of the situations you’ve described. To give you an example, I don’t run after girls on the street because that’s a hell of a lot of effort to spend on someone I know nothing about, but when I’ve done demos for students, I would walk ahead of the girls, slow down to match their pace, look over and say… you guessed it :-)”

Did you notice that hot girls are almost always fast walkers?
Sometimes its really hard to catch up wth them. To get ahead of them you literally need to run. Now, i dont see this opener really good in such situation.

Probably if you live in NYC you can easily find hot girls that are walking slowly of sitting etc but I am not so lucky to live in such big city. Most hot girls i see are walking and walking fast.