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Now I do appreciate what’s going on in this thread between you two. And I don’t want to ruin a sentimental moment here.


Eventually those training wheels need to come off. Just like music: you learn scales, you learn chords, you play tabs that you read online. But eventually to learn to make your own music, you need to just PLAY — ie just improvise. That’s where the fun really happens.

Read my thread about Openers. Now I’ll show you how Hurricane opens:

“You look like you’re thinking deep deep thoughts”
(hmm not bad, she does look like she’s thinking)

“You look like you’re thinking deep deep thoughts”
(uhhh… ok maybe)

“You look like you’re thinking deep deep thoughts”
(uhhhh… no)

“You look like you’re thinking deep deep thoughts”

(need I say more? :))


You see, when you train to be a robot that’s exactly what you’ll become. I bet the “I figure out the secrets of the universe” is also a part of every single discussion.

Mystery Method was also rigid like this…
“Excuse me, who lies more men or women?”. Guys would chant this line again and again until they got blue in the face.

Improvising is a SKILL damn it. You don’t become better at improvising if you’re not practicing it. And why do you want to improvise? to not be an android.

You know who’s the best students for following structure. I’ll show you:

And here’s another student that will do well with this “scripts” philosophy:


For the rest of us that actually have a SOUL we need spontaneity, creativity, and being off the cuff. That’s what speaks to emotions. Tailoring shit to people, not rigidly rehearsing a line that will generically work for everyone. Be NATURAL.