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Well I do agree you need to be positive and fun, it’s a far cry from what you’re asking though Dyonisis. You’re asking about “social value” and how it pertains to your profession. You don’t understand how to flirt, that’s the bigger issue here. Your social value is how fun and interesting you can make things. Nothing else.

You know how many times I’ve been in parties or bars and blatantly made up my profession. Like “I work as a male exotic dancer” or “I’m a secret agent” and the girls love it. I remember this girl I slept with I told her I was an ex-convict. I remember going into this elaborate story of how I hacked into government computers and sat in a federal prison for a few years. And I told her about my life in jail. And what it was like. At the end, right before I took her home I said “kidding! I just work as a programmer”.

Sometimes I’ll be at a club or bar and a girl will ask me what I do and I’ll just say “That’s boring. I don’t wanna talk about it.” and change the subject. She doesn’t care. We end up making out anyhow.

Or sometimes I’ll tell her the truth, but I’ll quickly change the subject to something else. Ie I spend about one word on what I do. And then change it to something completely different and we won’t even talk about “what we do” anymore. So is it necessary to talk about X all the time? of’course not. As the man, you decide what you and the girl talk about. If you get into a serious relationship with her you’ll have years to tell about her your stupid profession.

If anything, the less you talk about yourself and what you do in life the more fun the girl has. Especially if you’re good at making shit up and having fun with things and being flirty. Who cares what you do anyway? I can guarantee you that your day-to-day corporate job is nothing to brag about. Girls just don’t care about that stuff.

And sorry to break your “script” guys. But some of us don’t follow the same boring trite story every time we talk to a girl. Ok we get that you’re “uncovering the secrets of the universe”. I think you say the same thing to every single girl you’re talking to. But that’s just your script talking. You can literally say anything else and provided you have the right attractive vibe it’ll work.