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@ some guy UK

You did a pretty good pickup & text game….I’m gonna take some pointers from that ….hahahaha……With regards to the girl, I would consider it good practice & just move on to the next prospect….it helps to have a few different prospects at any point

Simple recent examples
Girl 1 – good looking executive –26 – picked her up dinner time at an organic food place , insta-dated her there itself some point I tell her about this huge chocolate bar I have in my freezer & she says “ OMG, that’s the sexiest thing I’ve heard all evening “ she tells me she likes my kind of “ look” …She takes my number & late that night texts me first with …”I have cookies….” ( I had fallen asleep and only saw the text the next morning….hahahahha)
Obviously this chick has game….however , till today – 3 months on – we have never gone on a date….go figure…

Girl 2 – tall painter –28 – picked her up at the same organic food place, insta-dated her there for 15 minutes before she had to leave ( she’d already said she had to meet friends at a nearby bar at 8 pm & it was 7.45 already but I made her stay for a ‘few minutes” ).
First time she turned me down for a drink;
I saw some images of her paintings and mentioned I liked one but that the rest made no sense to me whatsoever….
Boom, she asks me out , and shows up wearing a nice sexy backless dress ( pretty much showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath ) …

Seems you’re developing the vibe you need to get better and better results at this so keep at it.