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So she hit me up yesterday and today, yesterday to tell me that she saw me with my other ex shopping (I guess fishing for info).

Then today, we was talking about work, I was actually coming from a date which I didnt care to admit. So she made comments like I should of taken her out instead and flirtting blah blah blah

My friend saw her ealier and said hi to her, and she was driving the other guys car. So he asked her if her original car was ok and her response was fuck it, I rather put the mileage on his car.

So now im assuming she might of noticed the grass was not greener on the other side or that he is doing him so she is probably like fuck it, I will do me etc.. So I feel theyre not in a commited relationship because of his choice not hers. So my question is, should it bother me that shes contacting me just because hes not giving her exactly what she wants? Cause now I look like a back up plan, Or if he did give her what she wanted then she wouldnt of bothered contacting me.