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new guys find indirect appealing. but once you’ve been at this for awhile you’ll find that girls prefer just the opposite. and it’s the polarizing that makes it work. you get one of two reactions: either she hates you or loves you. but that is life. that’s how life works. When you take a stand on an ideology and you don’t budge, that’s when you PLAY the game. When you’re trying to make “people like you” just for the sake of them liking you then you haven’t taken a strong stance. You haven’t put your true personality out there. If you’re not causing people to Hate you or Love you then you’re not doing your job in Life. (just look at Hurricane and I.. I’m pretty sure he hates me =)). anyway, making your intention known with girls is very fun. when you’re too indirect you feel like you’re not being yourself.


The _ONLY_ reason why Justin Wayne does so well is because of his physical game. He’s continually touching and leading the girl. And if you want to talk about flirting/touching/sexuality. I’m _ALL_ for that. In fact, that’s what I’m ALL about on my dates. As for Justin, you might as well just mute the volume on your speakers when you look at his videos. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: girls just want sex. And the moment your hands do the talking that’s what gets them interested. Because they intuitively know that they have a fucker in their presence.