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Think about what you did. You were willing to walk away when she was on the phone. Bravo to you! That’s when you suddenly got interest. She asked you to stay. She hung up. She contacted you on Facebook. What’s the lesson? The lesson is valuable men don’t put up with this shit, and it’s very attractive to women when they don’t.

She contacts you on Facebook. You start out very strong telling her she was late because she spent too much time hitting on guys (you, of course). Bravo again. But then you proceed to have a lame conversation with her and asked her out. She says no but doesn’t offer an alternative. You ask again.

If I were in your shoes and she says yes, I still wouldn’t go on that date. That chick is not really trying hard enough, and I hate shitty dates.

Is it possible that I would be able to turn it around on a date? Sometimes, yes. But I have enough beautiful women in my life. I don’t need this one. The fact that I’m willing to walk away is written all over my face. It oozes from every pore. They know it. You should understand this attitude because it’s exactly the attitude you took when she got on that phone! It’s probably what got her to contact you.

So, you can train yourself to beg for morsels and take whatever they give you, or you can train yourself to be an attractive man. That’s the choice. You already saw one example of what to do! You did it! That girl did what ryano insisted girls never do: she initiated contact with you!