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Reason it seems hard is because you’re in a community that developed of, by and for people who are particularly confused–or stuck—with regards to dating. So rather than just take the normal adolescent–> adult progression like most guys do, with varying degrees of success, there’s these thousands of attempts by different guys–from Mystery on down to us–on what “works”.

Fact is pretty much anything can “work”–you just have to be somewhat socially aware–a bit open to new ideas, and take some risks that seem really foreign sometimes. The “rules” that developed out of the PUA community, The Game, etc are basically designed to counteract one major problem, and that’s this:

**Guys that don’t/can’t date are acting really weak in some ways, and that’s what drives women away from them.**

So the “rules” everyone’s come up in the “commmunity” are designed to completely pulverize that weakness. But you don’t have to listen to all of it. Idea of not chasing after her is that if you do, you’ll look kind of pathetic. So since she didn’t get back to you, leave it alone for now–try again in a week if you want–on your terms. Don’t worry about measuring “value”–you’ll drive yourself nuts with that. YOu just don’t want to look like a douche 🙂 Ever see Swingers? Remember that famous scene where Mikey calls that girl “Nicky” about 12 times in a row? Don’t be that guy. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching.

just some ramblin’…..