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I’m a fan of Justin too. But Justin said himself that his verbal game sucks and all he’s focused on during the entire interaction is his physical game.

See 0:45

And as far as looks. ANY guy can work out and make himself look better. A fat obese disgusting vomitous man can go to the gym and get a six pack, and can get his style in check. I myself go to the gym 5 days a week. I used to be fat but now I’m fit. But it takes alot of work. And consequently now I wear fitted clothes so women can check out all the work I did. But it’s not like an ordinary man can’t make himself look good. Besides, women don’t really care about facial structure the way men look at women. To women it’s more like how much a man takes care of himself, how fit he is, his style.. things that he can basically change. behaviorisms are all that’s important to women.