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I do it all, from front, behind, etc. I’m not biased towards any kind of approach. I was always like that from the beginning. Whenever some guy told me to do an approach some way, I’d always do the opposite and still see results. So my general philosophy is kind of like Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do — the style of all styles. And to be improvisational. What I find that what I do is generally based on my mood. Sometimes I feel like messing with people so I go indirect. Sometimes I feel tired and not creative, so I go direct. So it’s emotional based really.

So sometimes if a really cute girl walks past me then I’ll walk after her. I usually just say “excuse me” as soon as I’m next to her, she then stops and I’ll go direct.

Sometimes I’ll be standing somewhere (for example I’m sipping a coffee outside starbucks) and a girl happens to walk towards me at that point I’ll usually go more situational using a specific opener to her. To get her to stop I’ll usually motion to her and say “quick question?” she stops and I’ll say ask her how to get somewhere then I’ll transition it into a more personal conversation. Kind of like what Janka does in the video above. But I’m not biased towards that. and I’m not afraid to tell her I’m hitting on her. So sometimes I’ll even ask her how to get to where I am. like if I’m right outside starbucks I’ll say “excuse me, do you know how to get to starbucks?” and she immediately knows I’m hitting on her .. or sometimes I’ll say something that pertains to her like “cool shirt.. what does that mean?” or “is that what college you went to?” (if she has a certain college jacket). This is as she’s walking by. She’ll usually stop just to answer that question. Sometimes I’ll ask her an off the cuff question like “do you know which way is North?” but I’ll get into a lengthy discussion about that, like I’m new to the area (even though I’ve lived in my city for years). Actually, this one time I was with a friend of mine and this girl walked past us and I asked her what’s a good Chinese Restaurant cause me and my friend aren’t familiar with the area. And we talked about it for a few minutes and eventually got more personal and got her number. When she asked me later if I found the chinese restaurant I told her. “wow, that’s awesome.. you actually fell for that. No I just wanted your number”. To which she laughed and we went on a date. She was actually impressed by how believable I made it seem.

Sometimes when a girl walks towards me I’ll even go direct, like “excuse me? stop for a minute. you look great” .. or I’ll say something off the cuff like “where are you heading off to?” or “are you single?” or “who are you texting?” or whatever. Sometimes I’ll just make eye contact, smile and just say “how’s it going? are you from here?” and then she’s say “yeah why?” then I’ll say .. “dunno, you just looked friendly” and then get her number that way.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all perfect. Sometimes the girl walks away or ignores me. Sometimes I say the “wrong” thing and it doesn’t work out. But my philosophy has always been I’ll spit out whatever I want and taking action is above everything. The amount of conversations you can generate is proportional to how much you’re getting dates/lays. So to me just getting into ANY conversation in any way is above anything.

I have some friends that say the same thing over and over. Like I have a friend that just says “hey, sorry to stop you. I just thought you looked cute”. and he says that to every girl. ALWAYS. Hell, we’ll even be in Sephora or some store and that’s what he does.

Me, I’m the antithesis of that. I don’t have anything against saying things over and over, and I know it works bc my friend has good results. But something really bugs me about saying the same thing. I’m very sensitive to “sameness” and it depressed me if I need to do something again and again, bc it feels like a chore. so to me, messing with openers is like an artistic expression.

And being completely unfiltered is also above everything. One thing I don’t like is when people say to do something a certain way. I’ve always been rebellious as a kid so I have it very ingrained in me to just do whatever I want and disregard what people find “normal”. which for pickup works great.