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back to what I was saying.. things you can comment on:

1. her emotional state: does she look happy? angry? sad?
ex: “wow.. you’re the happiest person i’ve seen today”

2. her activity: does she look lost? is she on her latop or phone? is she walking slow/fast? is she shopping for something?
ex: you see a girl at starbucks working on a laptop: “how’s the job hunting going?” (here you’re assuming she’s unemployed which is great to get her talking)

3. accusational comments. “excuse me, you shouldn’t be texting/walking at the same time.” … “excuse me, yawning without covering your mouth is illegal in this country”

4. something unique about her outfit or her accessories. “interesting shoes..” or “damn, that backpack looks heavy.” or “cool scarf..”

5. her physical appearance. this usually falls under direct. like “sorry, had to stop you.. you look great today”.

6. associating her with a stereotype. “you look like a punk/emo/business lady”. “you don’t look like you’re from around here”

7. something that pertains to the place you’re at. like if it’s the building you work at. “hey, do you work here too?” ..

8. even casual openers like “hi, how’s it going?” can speak volumes..

and on and on and on..
there’s literally infinite things to say to someone and start a conversation. it’s beyond me why guys are rehashing the same old tired lines they see online. or saying the same things again and again. be unique. and above all be improvisational. that way you don’t fall under the “pickup guy” umbrella. that way you can literally hit on many girls every day without making it seem like an “approach”.