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If you’ve been following these debates, you know that ryano and I disagree on the subject of how spontaneous you should be. Within the boundaries of what is legal, there is nothing you should be afraid to do or talk about. What I find is that if you talk about what matters to you – your interests, the people you love, the places you’ve been, etc., etc. – you will eventually start saying almost the same thing every time. Those things don’t change very often. Women can feel when you’re asking them about something important to you. You speak with a different authority and your voice conveys that the answer you’re looking for is important to you. The most desirable women love the idea of serendipity. They love the idea that you just happen to be compatible with them but not with every other skirt in a five mile radius. That is why those challenging questions are not just useful to you. They are actually something that women find very attractive about the most desirable men. They know that the most desirable men are choosy and not easily impressed. So my advice is not to be spontaneous, but to figure out what is important to you, and incorporate that into your conversations with women. I have a template that I teach. The template is generic, but the parts men plug in to that template are things that really matter to them. In my experience, that’s how men can significantly increase the success of their game.