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@ryano – Yes, you make a good point. Intent is certainly something to look out for. I understand what you wanted to get across now.

It is funny how one is prone to misinterpret things. I always assumed that the Deep Thoughts opener was indirect. Thank you for spelling it out for me. I think I just need to stop being a chicken (applying for a position at KFC apparently) and accept that I do not need a reason to approach girls other than their looks.

I will use the Deep Thoughts exchange in the library and see how it goes. It certainly feels more genuine than going situational (looking for the “perfect” thing to say). And I need to learn to stop trying to control everything and just let go (so difficult, even though I have been rejected hundreds of times). I think it will be a useful exercise to try to approach most/ all women with the same lines.

I wholeheartedly thank you guys for helping out.

Kind Regards,