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@ryano, Thanks, it seems to be working for you. I do not think the approach you advocate is for me though.

Lee, Thanks for the advice. Of course, anything i can to get to to practice with the ladies.

From what you are saying it is difficult for me to understand the point of the indirect approach. You are saying that a cute girl will almost always know why you are approaching her. What is the difference between direct and indirect then? If in both cases she knows you are there because she is hot…

You have said in previous posts that you do not want to subject yourself to immediate judgement by going direct. But if she knows you are approaching her because she is sexy even when going indirect. Than aren’t you subjecting yourself to the same kind of judgement? Apologies, I just don’t get when I should be using direct, and when I should be going indirect?

Sorry for the long post!

Kind Regards,