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You finally posted a video I believe. It’s an average looking guy sarging average looking (and some older) women. None of the women in that video were good looking.

So you’ve shown me videos of good looking men sarging women who weren’t even as good looking as they are. You’ve shown me a video of an average looking man sarging average looking women and having some success. You still haven’t shown me a video of an average looking, older man successfully sarging young hotties, which, if the game you talk about was just as easy to implement for older men, we’d see ALL OVER THE INTERNET. We don’t.

Even by chance alone we should be seeing some. Maybe there are some, but I haven’t seen them. Workshops are filled with single men in their forties and fifties. It would be a great marketing gimmick for any pickup company. But there’s nothing out there.

This is a picture of David Wygant:

He’s a very good looking man.

Ross Jeffries has never made a video.

I know how older men who are not particularly handsome can meet hotties. I am one of those men. I dated models, actresses, and other hot women in their 20’s. I am 50 and still routinely meet attractive women in their twenties as demo sets for my students. I get them to write to me and ask me out. So I agree with you that the disadvantage of age and looks can be overcome. What I have not seen any evidence for is the idea that older, less attractive men can get attractive women by running the type of game I see in these videos.