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Think about how crazy this sounds. You have a million videos of good looking guys using their super confident, sexually aggressive personalities to sarge girls that are not even their equals (in terms of looks) only to get very suspect numbers. You’d think all of the profit for coaches would be on the other side, wouldn’t you? I mean on the side of average looking, middle aged coaches sarging girls who are much hotter than they are. That’s what would really impress my students. I know it would really impress me. I’ve never seen these videos. And even if there are some – a possibility that I will allow because I’m an open minded person – they must be very, very few and far between, or they’d be all over the Internet. I believe from my own experience and that of teaching and observing others, that men who have less to offer up front – in the first moments of approaching women – cannot win with the kind of game that works well for younger, good looking men approaching women who are not even their equals.