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Reason I don’t date much is because of a lot of internal stuff that doesn’t have all that much to do with girls, fundamentally. It’s not nervousness that’s the problem–it’s a mental block. Rejection doesn’t throw me–looking like I’m doing something out of the ordinary does. I’ve approached probably 1000 girls and I never feel ok about doing it–I feel like I’m going against something. So in THAT sense it would be nice to not give a fuck, but if 1,000 approaches aren’t doing it, something else is going on–and 5,000 approaches isn’t going to be the answer.

I’ve been where I wanted to be before–about 5-6 years ago–not long after reading the Game. I felt empowered to do whatever I wanted–although I may have felt nervous about it. IT was a good feeling. Unfortunately I lost it though. But it’s never been about really not caring at all for me…