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And Mr Antiquity, I’m not trying to single you out. From your posts you sound like a very intelligent, down to earth guy.

But Quoting you, you said yourself:
“That said, I don’t date. Well, incredibly rarely. I’m the kind of person who gets in situations that seem like they’re really, really about to go somewhere exciting–then they don’t. I’m the person who goes on dates that last for hours and end up in political discussions while the girl eventually sleeps with some other character and vanishes. Now I know this is my fault–I’ve always had trouble “making the move” or, what some here call “escalating”. I don’t believe that you should always be escalating like some PUAs think, but my problem is not doing it. Why don’t I do this? Largely because there’s a huge part of me that doesn’t believe the results can be real.”

So I’m merely here to try and take you by the reigns like a horse to the promised land. But you’re stalling because something in you has always GAF.

And I used to be there too. ooooh, trust me I know exactly what guys in this forum are going through. But as soon as I NGAF’d I saw the light and what this world has to offer. If you look at well known puas out there. like honest signalz, or tom torero, krauser, paul janka, or any of those other guys. You’ll see that they don’t take themselves seriously and they don’t take girls seriously because they’ve cultivated the NGAF mindset. It’s not that they’re better looking or that they’re even smarter or better in any way than other guys out there. similarly, I know that I’m no better than anyone in this forum. But it’s just all about developing those those “biceps” that I’m talking about in this post. And it’s not easy. It takes alot of dedication and time. but practice is really the only thing that it takes.