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A few other tips:

1. try to smile when you say “hey, what are you studying?”. most likely you won’t be able to out of nervousness but do your best. if you can’t smile, that’s fine too. all i’m saying it’ll work better if you do. (see smashing pumpkin’s song “disarm you with a smile”)

2. after you ask this question introduce yourself and talk about the normal college bullshit. what’s your major, how do you like school, etc.

3. after you’ve done #2 a few hundred times with hundreds of girls, graduate to flirting with them more because you’ll notice that if you don’t flirt (ie create sexual tension) girls will get bored of you and will flake on you. because it’s in girls inherent nature to always look for sex. as I explained in a recent post on this forum. don’t ask me why this is so, or why God invented them this way. but out of thousands of approaches this is what I have found. so flirting is actually a pre-requisite to getting laid. it’s a REQUIREMENT. sure you’ll find the nerdy girl that doesn’t mind if you flirt or not. but i’m talking about how to get the blonde hot cheerleader type and/or get ANY girl for that matter. ie flirting is the general theme that attracts girls.

4. you’ll notice that when you’re doing this opener “hey, what are you studying?” some girls won’t be nice and will be downright rude. if you’re working next to them just say “cool” and get back to what you were doing. and then put your headphones on and sit in the tension. that’s right. let the tension wrap itself around you and around her. but sit in it. if you do this a few hundred times you’ll notice that it doesn’t effect you at all. when that happens, it’s like this magical thing where girls will notice you “don’t give a fuck” and will be automatically drawn to you because to them it just conveys leadership. — note: this is for girls that you were sitting next to initially. if you approached them then this does not apply. you can just walk away if they’re not receptive.