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Thanks man, I totally see the value in that mindset. I agree I need to push myself into those ‘polarizing’ moments more.

However, I am still in the stage of trying to get comfortable in all stages of interactions, which I think is why the indirect angle is good for me. It gives me a chance to just get used to talking to women, relaxing and listening fully to what they are saying, rather than trying to run ‘game’ and worry about results.

But I’ll definitely try some of those suggestions in the clothes store.


I know what you mean about being uneasy. I find the days where I am feeling good about myself and I’m smiling, the girls open up so much easier.

I’m getting better at reaching that relaxed state, but I do find there’s some days when I generally feel self-conscious/paranoid, especially in the clothes shops. It’s just a mental hurdle to get over, I guess.