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And btw, that was just an example with “holding up a dress and asking if it would suit me”. you can do anything.

The fundamental idea behind that is far more important, which basically says: “I’m hitting on you right now”.

some guy posted about honest signalz awhile back:

this is a good example of what I mean. you’ll find that when he opens it’s almost always flirting from the start. he never asks for directions or help or stuff like that.

what you want is to generally make the man/woman dynamic present from the start so the girl has absolutely no doubt you’re hitting on her.

here’s a few other openers that would convey this. say i’m in a clothing store:

me> hey, make sure you pick something nice out for our date, mmkay?

me> wow, you’d look great in that.

me> hey, don’t I know you from somewhere? i’m pretty sure i saw you in the gym/supermarket/party. (if you do this with a smile she’ll know you’re bullshiting which is gold)

me> hey, I like your style.. you shop here alot?

me> how are you? (that’s right.. just ask that and see how they respond. learn how to handle tension)

me> hey, do you believe in love at first sight? I do.

me> I thought u looked nice/cute/amazing/beautiful/whatever. I had to come say hi.

me> your legs look stunning I had to say hello. (note: this will only work if she DOES have stunning legs. an average looking girl might freak out over a line like this)

me> hi, quick question. can I have your phone number please?


basically, what all these have in common is that i’m getting personal with her right away and showing that i’m hitting on her. and that’s good. that way she can reject me if she’s not interested and not waste my time. I really do not have time for girls that are not interested.