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To be honest–the indirect part of that (really all of it) goes on too long. Whole time you’re talking about the friend and the clothes. It should become clear within a second that you’re actually there to talk to her, not to find out about clothes or whatever else.

Couple areas where you could have taken a different tack:

“See, I knew you were an expert”. This is fine–but then talk about her. Or you and her. Don’t go back to the “friend” stuff– reading that line I could almost FEEL the nervousness in taking it personal Y there.

“See–I knew you were an expert. You’re probably the kind of girl who…” or whatever.

“See I k new you were an expert. You probably spend your night writing scathing critiques of university fashion shows’ or i don’t know. just a silly example. But you get the idea. “Opinion openers” aren’t actually about the opinion, and that should become clear almost immediately.