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All of the stories are indeed true, as are my qualifications about her interests. She knows they’re true, which is what gives them power. This isn’t endless banter or teasing, the dancing monkey syndrome. Is all of the connective tissue true? Eric and I really do have a friend in Internet marketing who doesn’t read novels. I wouldn’t consider it the biggest sin if you made up that little part of the story. The important part here is what you’re interested in, not what your friend is interested in. However, if it’s important for you to keep that part as legit as the rest, you can say it like this: “So you said marketing, right? Don’t tell me you’ve read a hundred business books but haven’t cracked a novel since high school.” Say it with a little smirk. Works just as well. The qualifier doesn’t even have to be related to her work. You can say self help books instead of business books. You’re allowed to switch subjects. If you have a phone in your hands, you can just point to it and say “I’m reading the most amazing book right now. Please don’t tell me… (qualifier)” The important thing about the qualifier is that she knows your requirements and gets a chance to tell you about what she can offer. If all of your qualifiers are another form of banter – like “cherries versus strawberries” – you might get some ideas about what to order for dessert, but it’s going to be one hell of a boring dinner. You can put the hottest woman in the world in front of me, and if she’s not going to make the three hours I have to spend with her interesting, I’m not going to want to waste an evening on her. I have plenty of beautiful women in my life. I don’t need another. And every woman who talks to me knows that.