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You’re intellectualizing it too much I think. And this is my humble own opinion since we all come from different sides of game.

But the verbals don’t matter so much, if anything they can get you into alot of trouble since you’re playing a chess game with her. Trying to “1-up” her, challenge her, etc. I don’t see it as a competition when I talk to a girl. Rather I see it from are we gonna be good sexual partners.

Instead, a girl can be sexualized in a few minutes and ready to screw you if you just use the correct non verbal comm. so correct eye contact, posture, body language, and touch. And it’s nothing too complicated. just the nonverbals need to communicate that you’re a sexual guy that embraces his horniness as opposed to trying to hide it. this can be conveyed in eye contact alone. as I mentioned in a previous post girls are very sexual and can pick up on this. So what I’m trying to do is polarize those very sexual girls from the girls that want to have a conversation and waste my time. you’d be surprised at how many horny girls there are out there roaming the world that are just looking for sex asap.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend or a girl that you care about her wit and she cares about your wit etc, by all means focus on verbal and mind games. Bc her personality def is more important at that point.

But if you just want to bang a bad bitch throw those out the window they’ll hurt you more than they help you that’s for sure.

Here’s my conversation:

ME: hi *slight grin*
HER: umm hi
ME: I was just getting some cheerios and saw you. You look amazing. *strong eye contact looking at her like I want to nail her*
HER: thank you
ME: tell me you’re single
HER: I am.
ME: excellent. I want to take you out sometime. can we make it happen?
HER: sure.
*hand her my phone, and she punches in her digits*

remember what I said about things being like “tinder” but in the real world?.. well that’s the way I see getting numbers. Sometimes if I’m in the mood I’ll have more of a conversation, but as I said as far as the girl’s concerned it doesn’t matter. Also if I’m in the mood I’ll insta-date her. I’ve noticed that girls are more adventurous when they do insta-dates. So the pull rate is actually much higher if they’re dtf.

Now during the date (either thru number or insta-date) we’re having a normal conversation. We’re at a first venue. Usually a walk, or a bench by my apartment, or an outdoor patio or a lounge. I make sure we can sit close to each other, side by side. I do two things simultaneously. I try and take the conversation to be more flirty/provocative and I also try to touch her slightly. But I do this very gently feeling out her receptiveness the whole time. If she’s asexual and acting very “professional” and doesn’t like to play, I usually end the date quite quick. but if she’s down: she likes talking about provocative subjects. she doesn’t mind when I get close to her or touch her. I usually just keep escalating until she’s horny enough so that when I invite her back to my apt “for a drink” she’s down. and from then on it’s smooth sailing. As I said, I only do first dates with girls. and I communicate that in my behavior.

I’ve done this so many times I could care less if people say it works or not.

But I do admit, yes I suck as relationships. That’s my weak point. But I’m working on that cause I do want to find a serious girlfriend eventually.