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Here are a few things about these interactions that leave me unimpressed.

1) In his approach of the “hot older woman”, she’s playing along, but she’s not actually asking him much. She asked two questions, about the trip to California and about his age, and he had to prompt her for both of those.

2) He talked and talked and talked and then asked for a number. After all of that conversation, it would have been really awkward for her to say no, which is to say that we don’t really know how this will turn out.

3) This guy walks away knowing absolutely nothing about these girls. Nothing. The same goes for the girls. His qualifiers are very soft. Many girls will look at him and see a dancing banter monkey on a string. What are his standards? What are his deal breakers? What does he love? They’ll never know that because it’s just him bantering on.

4) It’s not that impressive when fit, good looking men approach women who are roughly on their level and manage to get them to do things, especially in a party atmosphere like a concert or a loud, drunk bar. Men who do this will tell you that women in these environments may make out with them but most often don’t respond to their calls. The makeout is easier to get than the date.

In none of these sets do I see women behaving like I’ve seen them behave when they’re really interested in a guy. Women ask questions, a lot of questions. They talk self consciously, trying to convey the idea that their lives are interesting. They compliment men. They are self conscious about things right after they say them. There are all sorts of clues that a man gets when a woman is interested, and I see none of them here.