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1) Looks matter. But the majority of guys out there seeking advice are usually average to good looking guys that just don’t get laid.

2) Getting numbers is quite possibly the most important skill whether they flake or not, it’s just statistics anyway. I’d advise guys to get atleast one number a day. This is so at the end of the week when you have 7 numbers in which 2-3 or so will get you a date. No numbers = No dates. It’s as simple as that.

3) Completely agree with you on this

4) Sure. But I’m assuming most guys come into this with a college degree and some kind of corporate job. Which is the majority of people in big cities that would most likely be reading a website like this. Beyond that status isn’t important esp if you just want to get laid.

5) Baloney, talking to girls is not that big of a deal. “Minds not programmed for this”. Whatever. Girls love to be talked to and flirted with.

6) I agree with the first part. Although I never liked that word “qualification”. I’d rather go with “screening”. So screening for what you want in a girl.

7) “High value men aren’t so easily impressed with beauty”. Get out of here with that. Men should not repress their sexuality for the sake of political correctness. Men shouldn’t be NEEDY, but they should definitely show interest when they see a woman they are attracted to.