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Yes, I think it’s more about being unfiltered and saying whatever YOU want to say than having a routine. Because it shows that you don’t put so much emphasis into them, ie you’re only entertaining yourself which is way more attractive.

I remember I always had a format of how to talk to women. The moment I said “fuck it” and just talked to them ANY way I felt like in the moment. Whether it was just saying to a woman next to me in starbucks “hey, what’d you get?” or whether it was just stopping a girl on the street with “hey, where do you think you’re going?” or just in the supermarket using a throw away comment like “you shouldn’t get that.. it tastes terrible” and then improvising, that’s when I got more success, because I wasn’t trying to re-create anything. I just blurted out whatever the first thing that came to my mind was without questioning it. Sometimes I even just say “How are you?” (How are you? what an opener!!) to the chick standing next to me in the subway. Works a treat.

I remember once had a format:
– Open
– Use Pre-history
– Say I thought you looked “nice” (yes, they use that adjective EVERY fucking time)
– “Because” and then say something about specific about them.

And these guys would do the same shit EVERYWHERE. like there’s this one vid where jon matrix does that in a supermarket. and then he goes and does the same thing in the subway. I’m thinking to myself, is this a robot or a human being?

So my first few years were spent on just running after the “correct” format on how to talk to girls and it was driving me crazy. I felt weird and I felt stifled. Like now I’m supposed to run in the street and ask girls about how to get to Starbucks EVERY fucking time, or just running after each one and tell them they’re pretty?

Now I only focus on improvising and free forming EVERYTHING. None of my openers are the same, none of my dates are the same. And I still get the same results, because I understand the fundamentals. I know how to flirt with girls better. And I understand that women are horny and some are just not at a given time, and it’s not about me at all! so it’s freeing. I can do WHATEVER the hell *I* want, and I never let any girls (or any “PUA” guys) dictate how I do anything. Because I know any “format” can always be turned against and it’d still work. Including the “format” to act “high value”. Which is a joke. I bet if I acted “low value” and wear shitty clothes I could still get them.