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No, you’re getting more wrong. And those videos don’t indicate my game. If anything my game is: no game. That’s my game.

Meaning, I’m just a normal guy that goes and introduces himself to girls and capitalize on it when they seem horny. And I know how to read it off them like a book.

I’m not arguing here. I’m telling you what worked for me. My experience speaks louder than you telling me it doesn’t work. I went from almost no success to full success and I know exactly what I did. If something else works for you great.

I’m targeting the average to above average male in both status and looks that just wants to bang more females. My point is you don’t need to do jack SHIT as far as these “game techniques”. You don’t have to memorize stories. You just need to introduce yourself, tell the girl a sentence or two about yourself; make a little flirt; she reciprocates; and you get her number and you escalate from there. She may or may not like you, but it’s the fact that you got her number and you make your intent known, she’ll either got for it or she won’t. If she doesn’t, you find yourself another girl. That’s all that you need really.

I usually just approach them during the day and get the number with 1-2 minutes, that’s 1 out of 5 girls will give me her number. And if I have sex with a girl, it’s generally on the first date, and again it’s about 1 out of 5 girls I take on a date where we have a sexual chemistry and it happens.

But I know that if that’s what I’m seeking I can get it. Because I’ve proved it to myself so many times. And I’m talking about hot girls here. I only approach top 5% of girls according to my personal preferences.

Works for me. And I know it could work for the average male if he implemented what I’m saying.

Guys often get caught up with bullshit when a girl doesn’t work out they start worrying about what they did “wrong”. But it’s seldom the guy that does something wrong, it’s mainly a problem in logistics (see my post ‘Girls are Random’). I am simply saying, accept who you are. Make yourself more sexual around women, rinse and repeat, and that’s about it. What are you guys arguing about again?