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What you said – and your reference to Manson’s explanation – is dead on. Status and value are not directly related to a man’s job or his income. Don’t get me wrong. These are things that women want to know about because, throughout history, it has been important to the survival and success of their children. That having been said, it is not possible for women to understand all of the disparate pursuits of every men who approaches them, so evolution has given them another way of quickly judging a man’s status and value. Women are adept at detecting the correlates of success, which is why – as Manson explains – potential for success is just as valuable as actual success.

Two of those correlates are confidence and sexual risk taking. Successful men tend to be more confident, and men who have had
success with women tend to be more daring in asking women for sex. I don’t know any school of pickup that disagrees on these points.

However, there are other correlates of success and they are also very important. Here is one example. All else held equal, walking into a bar with two beautiful women will do wonders for your game. This is a type of status called pre-selection and it has nothing to do with money. It is perfectly reasonable for women to pay more attention to a man who has demonstrated that he is already desired by other desirable women.

Challenging the women you meet and being skeptical about whether they are good enough for you is another correlate of sexual success. Men who have plenty of sexual options are not so eager to spend a lot of time on another. They are pickier and their conversations with women are more challenging. Women find this attitude very attractive.


Did you just really post another video of a really good looking man in the prime of life succeeding with women who are not nearly as good looking as he is? Really? We all know that women like fit, good looking men, homeless or not. Yes, a guy can still fuck it up, but if he doesn’t, there is no mystery as to why he is successful. It’s called biology, not game. Game is taking someone who can’t get by on his good looks and some random chit chat and showing that person how to activate the attraction triggers that make him much more desirable to women.

Also, it’s a fundamental misinterpretation of the desires of women to call 20-something female groupies who chase after 60 year old rock stars gold diggers. As the the biography of Motley Crue or any other popular rock band explains, these women go to great expense to sleep with these stars. They are the opposite of gold diggers. They are pure status seekers. Fortunately for the rest of us, status is a matter of perception. It is easy to change your status simply by changing a few bad behaviors.