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“I have noticed myself being better received by women since I have started talking more slowly, being more relaxed around them etc.”

This statement in itself is flawed. Never change anything about yourself for a female. You don’t have to be relaxed or talk slowly, or do anything to change yourself around them. You can talk fast and you can be stressful and you’ll get them just as well. The only thing that women look for is authenticity. Are you being true to yourself or are you changing yourself to “get her”. Because the moment you change anything about yourself to please her she freaks out and pins you as a wildcard and that’s a big turnoff to women.

**Note: if you’ve genuinely become more relaxed then that’s great and will help you b/c then it’s authentic. I mean, if you’re consciously trying to be more relaxed or consciously trying to slow down your speech sort of nothing. For example, Russell Brand is a fast speaker and doesn’t seem relaxed at all to me yet he gets more women than a starbucks toilet seat.

“Conversely, I have blown the attraction many times by doing or saying something that conveys neediness or a lack of choice with women.”

I agree with this. You can’t be needy. women are attuned to this like crazy!

“But if I figure that once you understand those ‘rules’ and know how to make the right moves, you can make that system work to your advantage.”

Absolutely. the weird thing is almost all women operate in the same way. They all respond to these same “rules”.