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What you’re saying is true in every country. All else held equal, women prefer men of higher looks and status. Beyond good fashion and staying fit, you can’t do much about your looks. Status is a different matter. One woman can’t possibly be an expert at gauging the status of men in a thousand different fields. They can’t tell if you’re a good lawyer or a failed lawyer. They can’t tell if the startup you own has $3M in revenues or $3 in revenues. That is not how they gauge status. They gauge status by its correlates – confidence and the degree to which you seem to need them. If you lack confidence and, at the same time, show an immediate need for her interest, you are telling her that 1) you don’t have enough desirable women in your life, and 2) you probably aren’t successful enough to think yourself worthy of a desirable woman. That is bad. On the other hand, if you ooze confidence and, at the same time, are a little skeptical that the desirable woman standing in front of you is good enough for you, she will perceive your status to be much higher. That’s when you stand the best chance of getting what you want.