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Expressing sexual interest, taking chances, pushing the boundaries of propriety – these things are always attractive. You do have to be careful, though. At the beginning, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that any kind of interest is attractive. The reason sexual interest is attractive is that, unless she’s wearing a burka, you know everything about her you need to know to determine if she’s sexually attractive. So yes, that’s honest. However, what you don’t know about her is whether she’s smart, funny, interesting, honest, loyal, good with people, etc. That’s why the most attractive position for a man – especially with the most desirable women – is sexual interest coupled with skepticism that she is otherwise good enough for you. Women find that combination very attractive. Think about it. It’s the very opposite of a needy state. Imagine some guy who doesn’t have any women in his life. What will be his approach? He’s going to minimize the sexual content of his interaction – the honest part – while maximizing the comfy, friendly, interested nice guy vibe – the part that’s actually dishonest because he doesn’t yet know that much about the girl he just met. So yes, more sexual tension plus more challenging, more skeptical interactions are the best type of game.