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I think my biggest breakthrough has been just realising that I have a lot to offer women.

I have also realised how attractive honesty and is, and how much women are turned on by a guy who is unapologetic about his sexuality. I met a bunch of girls at a bar in Barcelona, and one of them was really cute. She was with another dude that night, but we talked on facebook and she later told me she was taken by how “shameless” I was in talking about sex and kinky stuff. The girl couldn’t speak english very well but she ended up flying over to London to see me. We had sex in the bathroom while her friend was asleep in my bedroom. I also made out with another one of her friends, so I definitely learned the power of sexual confidence that night.

At the moment I am really struggling with leaving day-time conversations way too soon. I can open girls pretty consistently now, but as soon as the conversation gets awkward, or I run out of things to say, I bail. If I am going indirect, as soon as it’s about to become obvious I’m hitting on her, I bail. I’m sure I will get past it with enough practice, but I’m finding it pretty tough.