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Back to my original post, here’s another interesting thing I’ve experienced.

I opened a really cute girl in a sandwich shop, with an indirect opener. About 30 seconds into the conversation my mind goes completely blank. So I just said “I have to confess, I didn’t really care about the sandwich, but you’re really cute so I wanted to talk to you”. The girl immediately tells me she has a boyfriend. I go “oh that’s ok, I wasn’t asking you out”.

I then leave and go over to the cashier to buy my food. Weirdly, the girl went over and stood by the cashier and waited for me to finish buying my food, so she could say “it was nice to meet you”.

A similar thing happened today. I go for the direct approach with a girl who is walking down the street. I stop her, she smiles, I get her name, she tells me she has a boyfriend. Again, I sort of shrug and say “that’s ok, I wasn’t asking you out”. Normally when girls don’t want to talk to you on the street they just walk off immediately. But this one just stood there and looked at me. I just said I’d leave her to her shopping, and she offered me her hand to shake. I have never had a girl do that before in that situation.

I think telling them “I wasn’t asking you out” surprises them. They assume most guys who stop them like that are going to ask for their number immediately.

I think their reaction means one of two things. Either they genuinely do have a boyfriend but they are thinking “Oh I was a bit unfriendly then, I’ll do something nice so this guy knows it’s nothing personal”. OR they actually don’t have a boyfriend and they are thinking “crap, maybe this is actually an attractive guy and I just made a mistake blowing him off”.