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I don’t want to sound bitchy but you’re coming off as a bit ignorant here. ‘They sit in a secluded room in a university and come up with theories’ – that is obviously not what actual science is about. Lee is talking about theories which are tested objectively using the scientific method. That is very different from yours, Lee’s, or my own subjective experiences with pickup.

When I said it seems your game is based on numbers I was referring to how you meet women in the first place. From what I know of your game it seems like by you approach a shitload of girls. By being very direct and sexual, you hook the girls who are horny/lonely/into your look, and you filter out anyone who is not immediately open. Nothing wrong with that. Actually it sounds like a pretty effective way to get laid if you have a lot of bravado, and the time to approach lots of women.

However it does sound like hard work, and it does sound like you have to do a lot of chasing and being very aggressive. I think I’m more interested in a game where at the very least I am on equal footing with the girl, or better still, she ends up chasing me.