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science? studies? dude I have my own personal lifetime of scientific evidence to prove what I’m saying. I tried what you’re preaching when I first got into pickup about 4 years ago. I did it for 2 years, didn’t get me as much sex as I wanted. changed my philosophy about 2 years ago and haven’t ever looked back since.

The problem with today’s men is they are not dominant enough. Everybody’s pussyfooting around women. trying to act “high value” which is a gimmick. Sure women can have sex with alot of non-dominant men but it’s not what turns them on. There’s a few important things that I’ve found out with women that’s so much more important than just about anything.

1. Commanding – this is a big secret of mine. Women are genetically programmed to respond well to commands. I’m not saying in a forceful way mind you. but in a calm way flirtatious way that indicates that you are in charge. basically, you just tell them what you want them to do and they see it as dominant and respond very well to it.

Here’s a G rated example of what I mean:

This is a highschool student but he understands commanding very well. He does this as a joke. but it’s not a joke.. it’s real and women respond to it.

Here’s a more real world example. I was with a girl yesterday in my apartment. We’re having a normal conversation, but it’s getting flirty –touching (hand on thigh etc), heavy eye contact etc… out of nowhere I throw a pillow on the floor. I instruct her to kneel down (i was sitting on a chair). I unzip my pants and she quicky assumes the blowjob position. before we’ve even kissed mind you. I didn’t ask for anything. I just assumed it, and told her what to do. to the uninitiated this doesn’t even make sense. I just told her what I wanted her to do with a slight smirk and she happily did it. commanding+teasing is what turns women on. b/c it indicates two important things: dominance and humor.

Another man would do the bullshit of making out with her first. and then slowwwly take off her bra. and linearly escalate. women don’t want that it turns them off. women want men to do what deep down they really want to do but are afraid to do it. and it turns them on heavily when a man acts on it.

women want men that take the lead. that’s far more important than what you’re saying as far as “be high value” I don’t even know what the hell that means. it’s a primal thing. it has nothing to do with value. I have a lot of money. I live in a nice area. I dress well. I’m good looking. But I’m telling you it doesn’t mean SHIT to women. I’ll argue this point to the death cause I’ve lived it. women like dominance and being flirty and sexuality over everything else. your material possessions, your looks, your “value” is mental masturbation that doesn’t mean anything to women esp if you’re trying to get laid in the shortest amount of time possible.