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It doesn’t matter whether you buy it, dude. There are a whole bunch of studies, some of which I posted links to, that support the view that if your mind is made up about a woman, you will not be as attractive to her as when you’re a little skeptical about her. You can keep repeating whatever you believe, but there are no studies that support your point of view, and plenty, including the ones I posted that support my point of view. Even if most of the guys on here just wanted to get laid and nothing else – which they don’t – they would be better off being a little skeptical about the hottest women. That’s what those women WANT! The hottest women can have sex anytime anywhere. You’re shocked that women initiate contact, that they write to me to ask me out? That’s why. You just don’t get it. You’re playing the chasing game. You’re telling us that you’re getting what you want, so that’s OK. But until you come up with some science to back up what you’re saying, maybe you should just accept that everyone may not want to play your type of game.