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I find that the bigger issue, atleast for me, is figuring out she has a bf or not. so direct works great because she blows me off right away if she’s in a relationship. atleast 50-60% of women I approach daygame have boyfriends. that’s the majority. it’s different from a nightclub or online dating in that way bc women are just going about their daily lives.

so I find it’s best to just know right away. that way I don’t have to waste my time talking to them, even for a few minutes. esp if you live in a big city there’s no reason not to do this as pretty girls are everywhere, and there’s millions of them. if you live in a big city and you’re not hitting on atleast 10 girls a day you’re doing something dreadfully wrong. also bc of the vast amounts of them I don’t mind if I get blowouts by a handful of them. I hardly pay attention to them as it is. indirect is fine, but i find that if you only do indirect you just can’t get as many approaches as as a guy that does a hybrid of both indirect or direct, or only direct. also, when he girl rejects me off of a direct approach i always feel good inside.

also you have infinite approaches. i remember about 2 years ago I approached this girl on the street who told me she had a boyfriend. fast forward to a few months after that. I approached her again in a cafe (I didn’t recognize her at that moment) and she was like “wait, didn’t you do this before?” .. I was like “yeah, I think you told me you were in a relationship” (my goto line if a girl accuses me of a re-approach) she was like “right..” so I said “are you still in one, can I get your number?” and she told me she wasn’t and she gave me her num. ended up having sex with her first date..