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I think you got a taste of what it’s like to (partially) reverse the power dynamic. That happens to me and my students all the time. We do it deliberately. A business mentor of mine used to call it “putting the buyer gently on the defensive”. By doing that, you can get girls to chase you, initiate contact by emailing you after you meet them, and ask you whether they will see you again after a date. The more genuine your qualifiers, the better. In other words, if you are talking to her about things you genuinely love, things that are important to you, your qualifiers will be more effective. Here is the most important part of this. The most desirable women in the world don’t need you for sex. They can get sex and validation anywhere and any time. So what do they want? They want to meet a high value man. How can they tell you’re high value? In part, they can tell by how selective you are. If you’re all over them from the very first moment and they have no doubt that they are already qualified to meet all of your standards, guess what? You will not be nearly as attractive to them as men who are more skeptical and aloof. To get the most desirable women, you have to learn to behave like the most desirable men, men who are always a little skeptical that the woman standing in front of them is good enough for them.