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You do not have a flakey girl. This is a normal behavior for girls. Here’s a few tips:

1. Understand that girls are like cats, they only pay attention to the shiny object that is currently dangling in front of them. Everything else loses focus. Including you. So after you dated her, now she might be dating some other guy. Or she might be on a trip with friends or family. You might think she gave up on you but she did not. You are simply not in her focus. Again, this is completely normal. All girls do this.

2. Don’t expect her to initiate conversation back with you. Girls are notoriously horrible at this. Instead, wait a week (or even two weeks) and shoot her another text. If she doesn’t respond then wait another week (or even two weeks) and shoot her another text. And then keep doing this. What you’re trying to do basically is shoot her a text when her attention is not being spent on some new object in front of her. I.e., when she is alone, she will readily answer your text and will make new plans with you. Especially if you had a decent date with her.

3. You can only expect a girl to start communicating with you (ie sending you texts) after you had sex with her. At that point she will be emotionally invested so she will message you constantly. Until then, sorry to break this to you, but you’re doing the work buddy.

4. You MUST MUST MUST have other girls that you’re doing the same with. So just like she gets that random text, make sure you have a few more (or if you can, hundreds more) up your sleeve that you’re sending these texts to. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. A single girl can never be trusted. But many girls can. Just like she doesn’t put her complete focus on you instead, she has many suitors. However, the most consistent and persistent suitor (without being needy) will win her.

5. What you do not under any circumstances want to do is think that you did anything “wrong” in this scenerio. This will fuck up your timing. The only thing that you can potentially do “wrong” here though, is ping her constantly which shows her that you don’t have other girls or any other options in your life which makes you appear very needy to her. And this is a killer. Again, she will come back to you, but you need to have patience. Weeks or even months with random texts in between. And she will bite eventually.