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Early on in your studies of social dynamics, it’s better to soldier on just to desensitize yourself to uncomfortable situations. However, eventually, you will have to work on your self-image. How do you see yourself? The most desirable women in the world want a man who sees himself as the prize and if you’re willing to put up with anything to get them, you’re not the prize. At that point, you will have to figure out your standards, and if you meet a girl who’s not living up to those standards, you are going to have to eject. You will lose with that girl, but you will win with some other girl who senses that you are the kind of man who would walk away if he doesn’t get what he wants. The guys who do best with women are the ones who know how to walk that fine line between completely pissing them off and keeping them just slightly off balance and on the defensive. To learn to walk that line, you’re going to have to accidentally step over it many, many, many times, and that’s what you will be doing by sticking to those rules. Lukewarm conversations do not make you more attractive to women. Challenging conversations in which it’s clear that you have high standards make you more attractive to women.