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Here’s a few of my tips. I’ve done thousands of street approaches:

1. you sound like you do the same stuff every time when you open them. that’s bad. daygame and street approaches esp is mainly about improvisation. try to do different openers and different types of approaches. If you find yourself doing the SAME thing then you’re not there yet. I always do different styles of openers (direct, indirect, situational, or things that don’t even make sense). I open with just about everything. One exercise I like to do is think of any opener and then I just tell them that and I’ll try my best to make it work. It’s really not the opener as much as it is being able to generate a conversation from it. for example, sometimes I’ll say “excuse me? know where I can get some sunglasses?” or other times I might say “hey, I really like your sunglasses, where’d you get them?” But I hardly ever repeat the openers. they’re always different.

2. “In addition, I dont have courage to use direct for the girls 15 years younger than me(Im 35+).”
This is weak and is merely a limiting belief. I do daygame for exactly the reason that I can approach girls MUCH younger than me. It’s one of the reasons I don’t bother with online dating and the reason why daygame is my #1 choice.

3. FUCK WITH PEOPLE. know how to be a good actor and how to generate conversations even if it means blatantly lying to them. This is especially true when you go indirect. When you ask them a question, make sure you COMPLICATE it to death so they have no choice but to talk to you for a minute or two.

For example:
ME: hi, excuse me. know where there’s a good coffee shop in the area?
HER: hmm, well there’s a starbucks across the street
ME: well no, I’m not looking for a starbucks.. I’d rather have something local. starbucks coffee makes me too high strung. is there anything closeby? [here I throw in a complication: she cannot solve my question so I tell her I don’t like starbucks, similarly I could’ve told her that starbucks doesn’t have fast WIFI, or a million other reasons why I “hate” starbucks]
HER: well there’s XXX place 2 blocks away
ME: does that place have a patio. it’s a nice day today.. I kind of feel like sitting outside? [another complication: now I’m looking for a patio]
HER: well blablabla
ME: where do you usually go? [this is the transition and basically starts getting a bit more personal]

So the general format is:
indirect question, complication, complication, transition
– try to make the complications flirtatious or teasing.

the transition is not easy especially if you’re a beginner. if you’re good at teasing that could also be a way to transition. because the moment you make her laugh it’s way easier to ask her a personal question for example:

ME: wow, you’re a local here and you don’t even know any good coffee places? do you just go to the library or something?
[so the tease was her not knowing any good coffee places and she SHOULD]

4. You NEED to do direct approaches if you want to get better at street. I don’t care if you’re 30 40 50 60. Be comfortable complimenting girls and trying to get into conversations with them. You can walk alongside them as you do this. Don’t kid yourself, some girls will be taken aback and keep walking. but these rejections are exactly why I like doing daygame it’s fun when they get mad and brings a smile to my face. 🙂

5. Do openers where you DON’T need to EXPLAIN why you’re hitting on them. For example, sometimes I’ll walk next to a girl and tap her gently and just say “Hey, what music are you listening to?” because it’s so random the girl knows I’m hitting on her so I don’t even need an excuse. She usually just answers and we get into a conversation about music as we’re both just walking. similarly, I might walk next to a girl and ask her where I can get nice jeans, just to start a conversation.

6. Learn to be situational. if you see something a girl is wearing or doing or whatever, comment on that. for example if the girl looks lost “you look lost. can I help you find something?” then use a nice transition to get into a more personable conversation. or you might comment on her shoes or whatever the hell you find unique about her. maybe even her look. “excuse me, are you from sweden?” and then create a conversation about that.

7. Open from the front, from the side, from the back, from behind, from below, from the top. Don’t give a FUCK about what’s proper. I’ve stopped girls coming straight at me. I’ve stopped girls walking next to them. I’ve ran after girls and stopped them. whenever ANYONE tells you do a thing a certain way I can guarantee you I’ve done the opposite and it worked too. anything can work really just have confidence in the approach.

8. As far as stopping their momentum, you can always go direct which almost always stop them. Or you can go indirect with an “excuse me? can i ask you something”. Or you can just walk alongside them so you don’t need to stop their momentum. if you’re comfortable they’re comfortable. girls are very flexible in that they always take the man’s lead.