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yeah I used to be where you were.. about 3 years ago. trust me that the vast majority of men 90% or so do exactly what you do. so you’re not being unique you’re just wasting time. and btw being honest is so rare women are immediately drawn to it mainly cause honesty shows courage, reliability, and confidence. traits that women so desperately seek. men primarily do what you do because they don’t have alot of options and are afraid to lose a particular girl. but it’s a viscious cycle because being indirect makes you have little options in the first place so you’re forced to make yourself “seem” busy when you’re not.

as i said indirect vs direct is not an opener argument. it’s an entire game argument (ie how you handle yourself from beginning to close, what this entire thread is about). and from my personal struggles i can tell you direct always wins hands down. i used to be the king of game playing nonsense. bunch of time wasted because of that though so i’ll never go back to it again.